About Us


Kuul Thread was started in 2015 when founder Florin Ungureanu was inspired to create something he couldn't find. 

Kuul Thread was born out of the desire for a men's collection that looked great in a business environment but designed and built to perform well in any situation. We are not fashion designers, we look at fashion from an engineer's perspective; trying to improve the fabric, the cut, the performance of the product by leveraging the latest technology and research. We believe the future of fashion requires science, technology, engineering and mathematics skills (STEM) more than ever. We continue to learn every day and apply to our products the latest discoveries. 

We are on a mission to create the most comfortable and technologically advanced dress shirt ever by merging modern designs with advanced fabric, assembling amazing shirts       


Email: office@kuulthread.com
USA Office-9 MacArthur PL, Santa Ana, CA 92707. Phone: 949-394-5063
ROMANIA NPD Lab: Str Cascadei 12, Brasov 500454: 0730-430-496