It's about time someone improved the unpacking experience of a dress shirt

None of us should be put through this antiquated way of unpacking a dress shirts. It’s crazy, and if brands choose to continue to throw all that money and energy on plastic, pins, cardboard, and paper, it is a big waste. Let's take a look at the current unpacking process of a regular dress shirt (graphic by thedoghousediaries):

 1. Remove the metal clips that hold the shirt folded
2. Remove the price tag 
3. Remove the size sticker
4. Remove the tissue paper
5. Remove the cardboard backing
6. Remove the cardboard outer collar
7. Remove the plastic inner collar
8. Remove the plastic top button cover
9. Fish out the in-situ collar stays, and place them in the collar stay jar 
10. Remove the little paper pouch of spare collar stays from the front button
11. Remove the spare collar stays from the little paper pouch, and place them in my collar stay jar
unpacking a regular dress shirt by thedoghousediaries

 After all this pain, you still have to take it to the dry cleaners because you can't wear it out of the box (wrinkles).

So here is our simple process: 

1. Remove the dress shirt from the box

packed Kuul Thread shirt
2. Remove the hang tag

unpacked Kuul Threads dress shirt

And ready to be worn. No pin removal, no collar stays, no dry cleaning.



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