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A dress shirt you never have to dry clean

Like many people, I don’t enjoy ironing my dress shirts, nor does my wife. So obviously the only option left to one is to spend money on expensive dry cleaning.

A dress shirt you never have to dry clean

For this matter we have created a dress shirt that can be machine washed and hang to dry. The secret is our performance fabric which does not require any dry cleaning and ironing. On top of not having to be ironed, the Kuul Thread wrinkle resistant shirts can be worn all day without showing signs of creases. Another reason we believe you will soon find our shirts amazing is the 4-way stretch fabric which makes the shirt look crisp even after many hours of wearing it, drape well over your body and move with you.

The shirt was worn for about 16 straight hours, including an international flight. The picture below shows the same shirt after it was machine washed and hang to dry for ten minutes. 

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